01 December 2012

Huge day in sports

Today is a huge sports day for me.  I have been invited to the Christmas at Fenway event today in Boston, so I'm presently on Amtrak's red eye to Back Bay.  Meanwhile, at Selhurst Park, Crystal Palace resumes its march to the Premiership against the hated Brighton & Hove Seaweed.  We need to stuff that bunch so they understand that they are not in our class.  Meanwhile, at Fenway, it's time to find out what lessons were learned in our annus horribilous 2012.  I also hope to get a press notice concerning the death of Carl Beane so that I have more ammo with my mother-in law.  She thinks that after a broken right hip and a diagnosis of atrial fibrilation she will drive her car again.  Carl Beane was killed this year when he had a heart attack while driving.  Maybe that will make an impression on her.  The fact that that overgrown boat she calls a car needs to be junked is ywt another matter.  I never had an automatic that has clutch problems.  This one does and the cost to repair it is more than the car is worth.  Back to the Red Sox, wouldn't it be great if they announced the re-signing of one K. Youkilis, first baseman extrodiaire.  That would bring a whole lot of Christmascheer to Red Sox Nation.  Dawn is breaking as we approach Providence, RI.  Perhaps it symbolizes a new dawn for the Red Sox and the beginning of yet another march to a World Series title.  Worst, to first, that's the Red Sox way.

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