13 August 2013

The Political Testing Of Our Children

The latest batch of state test scores have come out in New York.  The howling from the political educational establishment has started, “See, we told you.  We need more testing, more testing and more testing.”  Never mind there is absolutely no transparency and the test are written and scored by a company that messed up 2,500 Gifted & Talented tests last year (that would be you, Pearson).  Never mind that the tests were based on a curriculum that is not being taught because it hasn’t even been written.  Never mind that the political education establishment in New York demands all children take these patently skewed tests in violation of federal law that says parents have the right to opt their children out of such blatantly political testing.  Well, Tisch, King, Walcott and especially Bloomberg (nearly a two digit midget now, that’s Army speak for lame duck), here’s my reply.  My daughter will not take anymore of your rigged “standardized” tests until my wife (her mother) and I (her father) are satisfied that these tests are being used for educational rather than political purposes.  You don’t like that?  Too bad.