30 October 2012

After The Storm

Now that Post Tropical Cyclone (PTC) Sandy has passed us, it is time to take stock.  For yours truly, my luck was with me.  Just as the 1989 earthquake did little to me personally but muck to others, the worst my neighborhood has suffered is a flooded subway station.  So many others suffered much worse.  So, I will be off on the bus tomorrow looking for somewhere to volunteer.  Since the NY VA Hospital had to be evacuated, perhaps that's where I'll go.  At any rate, let's spread the good fortune around and bring a smile to those who suffered.

On the political front, the normal garbage continues.  Tucker Carlson blames Obama for not lowering sea level.  Grover Norquist blames Obama for spending money on FEMA even though people died.  However, Governor Christie, no shrinking violet he, praised the President for his help and involvement in making sure federal help arrived quickly and efficiently.  Romney isn't happy about this but as the Governor said he can't be concerned with next week's election when his people are suffering.  Good on you, Gov.  Governor Cuomo got his dig in on climate change deniers, saying that we seem to be getting the once in a hundred years floods every year.  Politics and poker, the same old same old.

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