10 July 2010

But seriously, folks

In my other life, I'm an extremely progressive-liberal Army veteran. As such, I find the rantings of the right wingnuts who infect our society to be a matter of concern. However, when they open wide and insert foot, not to mention open back passage wide and insert head, it is funnier than all get out. Take Sister Sarah Palin, half governor of the great state of Alaska. She wants to mobilize all the pink elephants out there. I'm wondering, how often has she seen the Walt Disney classic "Dumbo?" Does she think it's a true story? Keith Olbermann is right (as usual), that woman is an idiot.

The there's Glenn "I consistantly rip off a Dave Foley Kids In The Hall Sketch" Beck. The other day, he demanded to know why there is no film or video of Senator Robert Byrd filibustering the Civil Rights Act of 1964 when it was up for debate in the US Senate. In 1964. Years before any kind of electronic recording device, never mind a camera, was allowed in the Senate Chamber. I had to check my Polaroid before entering the Senate Chamber's visitors gallery when I went there on my 8th Grade Class Trip. In 1971. 1971 came after 1964. On that day, I heard Senator Edward M Kennedy of Massachusetts propose National Health Care during morning business. There was no video of that. No film, either. Just the Congressional Record. On paper. Transcribed by a stenographer. The same as in 1964, which came before 1971. The record is there. It has never been expunged, altered, amended or any other kind of change. Senator Robert Byrd filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964. He failed. It passed. He later regretted doing it. Almost every obituary I have seen or read concerning Senator Byrd covered this historical fact in detail. They also covered the fact he used to bring in a ton of pork barrel funding for his state, which is one of the poorest in the nation. Unfortunately, his pork barrel spending included forcing Amtrak to run a regular schedule of trains between Washington, DC and Martinsburg, WV. Very few people rode it and it finally was terminated after a number of years. They unofficially called it "The Byrd Express." However, Beck can't even get his conspiracy theories out without running smack dab into a brick wall called historical fact. There's no video or film because none was shot. It wasn't shot because it wasn't allowed. It didn't become allowed for a goodly number of years after 1964. There's no cover-up, no grand conspiracy against the truth. It doesn't exist. Why not try another one of Keith Olbermann's ideas when a video record doesn't exist, puppets? That's right, puppets! Knock yourself out with all kinds of hand puppets, marionettes, whatever. Do all the voices yourself. What, you're not a mimic? Can't you find one or two? Once again, Olbermann is right. Glenn "Reality, what a concept! I know nothing about it" Beck, now and forever, the Worst Person, In The WORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRLD!

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