30 June 2010

Football and Technology

So, in the wake of some apalling decisions by the match officials at the World Cup, the cry goes up anew for technology to be added to the game. Well, as far as goal/no goal goes, either a goal judge standing alongside the netting or some form of replay might be in order. Otherwise, kindly keep your technology out of the game. I still haven't seen a foolproof method for video to judge offside or a foul, since the camera has its own angle which is not necessarily the proper one. The real problem is match commentators who know nothing of the laws. This includes former players and managers who infect or TV coverage with their often uninformed views and lack of knowledge concerning the laws. If you ask most of them about the offside law, they'll go one and on about the second last defender but never once talk about where the ball is. there was even one former player turned pundit, an international yet (OK, it was Ty Keogh), who would describe a player as being in an offside position on a throw-in at least one time a year. I'll bet his father Harry had something to say about that. Lord, spare me from the pundits.

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