04 June 2010


So, what is a Redpalacenycoskyblueeagleocpbullsox? It is the amalgamation of my leisure time intersts, football (the real kind), baseball and opera. For the record, we have Red Bull New York of MLS, Red Sox of MLB, Crystal Palace Eagles of the English Football League and Crystal Palace Baltimore of NASL, Sky Blue FC of WPS, Opera Company of Philadelphia, and New York City Opera. How do you pronounce it? Any way you want to. Why am I here? Who cares! I'm doing this blog and that's all that matters. I'm still celebrating the rescue from near extinction of Crystal Palace, waiting for the World Cup to start so that the USA can prove me a prophet. I predict the USA will beat England 3-1 and go on to win the whole thing. How crazy am I? We'll see.

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